Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Road Home!

The boys are on the way home now after their wonderful time in Scotland. They were brought by coach to Glasgow and they were all so tired they fell asleep on the way! Thank you to the group and their leader for making this such a special programme. Also, thank you to all the kind parents and grandparents! Soon the boys will arrive home in Japan with lots of stories to tell about their summer in Scotland!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pizza Party

Our house had a pizza party in the evening. The students prepared gifts for their Russian friends. We will really miss them so much.

An Open-top Bus Tour

We spent the afternoon in town, taking an open-top sightseeing bus all over the city and then doing some souvenir shopping.


 This week it was our turn to graduate!

Las Vegas Evening

Last night, the hall was turned into Las Vegas. The boys enjoyed all sorts of games and activities.

Japan - Romania - Russia

Last night, we had a dinner with the Russians again. This time we also invited the Romanian group. The students talked about free-time activities such as music, movies, TV and so on. These inners have been a success this year and the students have really enjoyed splitting up their group and really talking in English to students from other countries.